Going Back to School Sustainably!

Did you know that in the United States alone, approximately 11,600 cedar trees are cut down to create the 2 billion pencils made each year? That's a lot of trees!

When you're heading back to school this year keep these simple, but effective tips in mind.

  • Buy a reusable lunch bag/box. No more lunches in plastic bags please.

  • Inventory your school supplies before buying more. This is a big one! Do you really need another new ruler? Do you have unused notebooks from last year? Only buy what you need. Make a list and stick to it! 
  • Encourage school cafeterias to buy local. Whether it's your universities pub, or your kid's cafeteria. Every little bit counts!


  • Buy Used Textbooks (no brainer!)
  • Parents - please don't idle your car infront of your kid's school.
  • Choose sustainable school supplies. Look for school supplies wrapped in limited packaging and seek out greener supplies when possible. Choose recycled or mechanical pencils, refillable pens, and paper clips made from recycled steel.


  • Choose non toxic school supplies. PVC, also known as vinyl, contains chemical additives including phthalates that are linked to asthma, learning disabilities, diabetes and other chronic health problems. Vinyl is commonly used to make lunch boxes, backpacks and three-ring binders. Choose backpacks made from recycled PET or natural canvas. Avoid the shiny, plastic models that often contain PVC.
  • Choose a sustainable + ethical wardrobe. Check out thrift stores for second hand clothing, and buy new clothes from brands that are committed to sustainable + ethical practices, like Ungalli ;). 


Happy back to school everyone! Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen! 


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Compost your phone case!

What happens to your phone case after you're done using it? Have you ever wondered? 

Sadly, it ends up where all plastic does: rivers, oceans, beaches, the bellies of precious ocean creatures, and ultimately even in your own stomach. 

How can you personally be a part of the solution though? 

Last month we had the opportunity to make custom Ungalli tees for a really cool company called Pela Case. They make phone cases from 100% plant based materials which makes them plastic free and compostable! How amazing is that!? 



Some other cool features of the case:

- Amazing protection from drops and scratches.

100% compostable case & plastic free packaging.

BPA-free, eco-friendly and child-safe.

- Donations made to environmental initiatives from each sale.

Pela Case is also a Canadian company! They're shipping Canadian products all over the world, making it a better place for everyone. You know our motto: The World Needs More Canada!

Next time you need a new case do the world a solid, and buy a Canadian Pela Case!

For information about custom Ungalli tee's for your business or organization check out our website, or email info@ungalli.com. Minimum custom order starts at just 25 tees. 

Enjoy the sunshine! 



Pela Case Product Features



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Thank you for helping us giveaway $5000 to charity!

Recently Ungalli was awarded $5000 to giveaway to charity as part of our Nature Inspiration Award from the Canadian Museum of Nature. We ended up splitting the money and choosing 4 important causes, and here they are. We can't reinforce this enough: This is all because of you! Without you there is no Ungalli. Thank you!


$2000 to Bear Valley Rescue,
Alberta Canada 

"Bear Valley Rescue" rescues horses in Canada destined to be slaughtered for meat (mostly eaten overseas). They rehabilitate them and find them loving homes, or provide sanctuary for them at the rescue if they can't be rehomed. Read more about their amazing work here .



$1000 to Disrupt It Weekend,
Thunder Bay 

Disrupt It Weekend brought together bright, passionate, entrepreneurial enthusiasts to provide solutions to sustainability challenges in Northwestern Ontario over a 54 hour period. The winning team for the "People's Choice Award" received a $1000 prize from Ungalli to put towards their new business. Read more about the weekend here .




$1000 to New Hope Dog Rescue,
 Thunder Bay

A charity that's been close to our hearts for a long time. We even have a t-shirt dedicated to them.




$1000 to Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary,
Thunder Bay

Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is a joint community effort focused on stray and feral cats/kittens in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas. If you're interested in fostering or adopting check them out here.

Thank you so much for showing your support for sustainability and Ungalli. We hope you’ll continue to support our partnership with these amazing organizations! 

Spoiler Alert: We're teaming up with a couple of these charities and designing some new tees for them. Available online soon! 


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3 Periods In Canada’s Favourite Game. 3 Reasons Ungalli Loves Hockey Cares.

Click here to buy the exclusive Hockey Cares t-shirt! 

As good Canadians, we’re obviously hockey fans here at Ungalli (go TBay North Stars!), and we trust you’re into Canada’s favourite sport, too. But have you heard about Hockey Cares?

Hockey Cares is part of True North Aid, a registered Canadian charity providing support and humanitarian aid to underprivileged Northern communities. True North Aid truly care about all Canadians and all things Canada – like we do – and for the past 35 years they’ve dedicated themselves to providing financial support and practical humanitarian aid to those in the north who need it most.  

Hockey Cares’ mission is connecting youth through hockey. There’s three periods in our Canada’s quintessential game, so we decided we’d break down three reasons we love them.

1) They support youth in the North

This year, (its first!) Hockey Cares facilitated an exchange between bantam-aged hockey players from Oakville, a suburb of Toronto, and Attawapiskat, an isolated First Nation at the mouth of the Attawapiskat River on James Bay.

Oakville hosted youth who travelled from Attawapiskat in July, and then Attawapiskat youth hosted Oakville in November. They played hockey for the love of the game, and to learn from their new friends, and experience a new culture. All travel was covered by Experiences Canada (who we love too!).

Hockey Cares is working towards continuing these relationships in 2018 and beyond! If you want to support Hockey Cares, learn how here.

2.) Hockey cares is endorsed by the Downie Wenjack Fund
RIP Gord Downie. A true humanitarian, Canadian legend, he captured and captivated our country with his music, and brought and still brings hope for a better future for all Canadians.

The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund is part of Gord’s legacy, and is committed to improving the lives of First Peoples.

The charity is involved with and enthusiastically supports Hockey Cares, which this if nothing else shows how dedicated and inspirational Hockey Cares really is.

If you’re interested in hockey, and supporting the the Downie Wenjack Fund, you’ll love their most recent project: they’ve partnered with the Victoria Royals Hockey Club to auction off a custom goalie mask until December 13, with all proceeds going to the Fund for reconciliation projects.

3.) They support sustainable Northern brands
There have been many times on our Ungalli journey we’ve felt so humbled, and proud.

Partnering with Hockey Cares on their special edition T-Shirt is one of them. To have such a dedicated organization trust us with something that represents their organization is an honour, and we’re so happy to share it with you. $8 from the sale of each T-shirt will be donated to Hockey Cares. Fifty T-Shirts are available to be shipped the week of December 13 – 17, and after that they’ll be on pre-order for February 2018.

Thank you so much for showing your support for sustainability and Ungalli. We hope you’ll continue also support our partnership with Hockey Cares to really make a difference this Holiday season.

P.S…Go North Stars! ;)

Xo Hailey and Bree

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Facebook Contest! Vote For Your Favourite New Design

First of all, we've got an exciting announcement to make. We're so thrilled to be working with Brandi Fiala, a local artist, on two brand-new Ungalli tee designs. 

Brandi says of her connection to Thunder Bay:

"I grew up in the Thunder Bay region where the outdoors was my playground. Inevitably, as it will, a great appreciation for nature and adventure brewed up into who I am and what I try to express in my art.

My art is inspired by the vast intricacy of nature and the intrigue of adventure. As well as, the need for balance of society to individualism and technology to organisms.
In turn, these interests have inspired an elevated sense of responsibility to be thoughtful and respectful to the earth, my playground."

Brandi's philosophy clearly shines through in these two gorgeous graphic looks. We think both designs are equally amazing, but only one will also become a featured Ungalli Lightweight Front Zip. That's why we need your help deciding. 

Head over to our Facebook Page and "Like" and "Comment" on the zip-up contest post with your favourite design. (Rules and Regs)

You'll be entered to win a Lightweight Front Zip with the winning design. Contest closes Saturday at 11:59 pm EST so get voting! Good luck.

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