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Ungalli + Local Collective

You can find us in Thunder Bay  at 16 Cumberland St South in downtown Port Arthur. The old Crocks, for those who knew the bar.
  • Monday: 11am - 6pm
  • Tuesday: 11am - 6pm
  • Wednesday: 11am - 6pm
  • Thursday: 11am - 6pm
  • Friday: 11am - 6pm
  • Saturday: 11am - 6pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED 


Not only are we stocked with Ungalli, but we are also carrying products from other local creatives & entrepreneurs! Local clothing, jewellery, and other products.  We like to think of it as a local collective, a one stop shop for the best of Thunder Bay. 
Brands you'll find in our local collective:
  • Bloom Forward Furniture 
  • Epica Pictures (photography)
  • Gold Sparrow Blog + Creative (jewelry, artwork)
  • Hippe Assemblage (baby accessories)
  • cc creations (Handmade Hair accessories) 
  • North Star Silver (Silversmith)
  • Red Fox Forge (metal work/welding)
  • Three Huggers Beeswax Food Wraps
  • Tuija Hansen Fibre Design (handmade clothing)
  • Wild Badger (clothing)
  • The Family Stone (artwork)
  • Art AF- Marielle Orr (artist)
  • Lost Art (jewelry, clothing)
  • Waxx Candle Co. (coconut/soy wax candles)
  • Heron house handmade (beeswax candles)
  • Knits By Nat (knitted products)
  • Lunar moose (jewelry made with recycled paper)
  • Beanies for Brain cancer (100%profits go to brain cancer research)
  • Pixie Card Co (Funny AF greeting cards)
  • Thrify kid Vintage (thrifted clothing)
  • Ruthless Rue Clothing (thrifted clothing)
  • Luova Designs (handmade plant sleeves)
  • Nor West Maple Co. (local maple syrup)
  • Walleye (cookbook)
  • Every Family is different (local childrens book)

We hope you like dogs, you'll most likely run into our shop dog, Joey at the store!
Get in touch with any questions! or 807-622-8957.
Although we are quite full, If you are interested in being a part of the local collective please email for more info!
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Ungalli & The Staal Family Foundation

This year Ungalli had an amazing opportunity to work with the Staal Family to make charitable t-shirts for their very special foundation.
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Microfibres in Clothing: What they are, and what Ungalli is doing to help you stop them.



Here at Ungalli, our amazing + incredibly conscious customers have raised a lot of concerns about the microfibers that shed off almost all of our clothing when we wash them (all clothing, not just Ungalli). If you aren't aware of this issue yet, here's the gist:


Every time we do laundry, our clothes shed tiny, unseen microfibers (including plastic), which go down the drains of our washing machines and into our waterways. That’s not great for the animals living in those waters, or for us. Eventually they end up being eaten by ocean life, and then ultimately by us humans. Karma anyone??? 





The ultimate solution is to use only 100% natural fibers for clothing. Sadly, there is way TOO MUCH garbage on this planet to not re-use it and turn it into clothing. 



We've been hunting down solutions for our customers for the past year, and here's what our team came up with:



1. As of November 2018 we are introducing 100% Organic Cotton Clothing for our customers who want to keep it 100% natural. (Versus our 50% organic cotton/50% recycled poly blend).



2. For our customers who want to keep trash out of the landfill and turn it into clothing instead, we introduce to you - the Cora Ball. The first microfiber collecting laundry ball. This amazing company is based out of Vermont, and we are incredibly grateful for their genius! 

Buy your Cora Ball here! 



The Cora Ball is a new kind of laundry ball. Inspired by the way coral filters the ocean, the Cora Ball collects our microfibers into fuzz we can see, so we can dispose of microfibers in the right way. Together, we keep these microfibers out of our waterways and our ocean. Yes! Just toss the Cora Ball into your washer. It's a simple step that has a big impact wash after wash. 



Most washing machines do not have filters. The ones that do are only good to keep keys and coins from clogging your pipes. A standard filter cannot do what needs to be done: catch fibers too small for the human eye to see AND allow water flow.

So, we turned to nature. Coral does exactly what we need; it catches tiny things from flowing water. Using those same principles in the design of the Cora Ball, you can now just drop, or throw it into your washing machine and do your wash as usual. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Cora swooshes around in the laundry and just like coral, allows water to flow, while picking up those little pieces of microfiber and catching them in her stalks.

Buy your Cora Ball here! 


Huge thanks to the countless amount of concerned Ungalli customers who have emailed, called, and messaged us with your concerns. You are the reason we were so determined to find a solution.

For a cleaner Ocean, and a cleaner planet <3


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Going Back to School Sustainably!

Did you know that in the United States alone, approximately 11,600 cedar trees are cut down to create the 2 billion pencils made each year? That's a lot of trees!

When you're heading back to school this year keep these simple, but effective tips in mind.

  • Buy a reusable lunch bag/box. No more lunches in plastic bags please.

  • Inventory your school supplies before buying more. This is a big one! Do you really need another new ruler? Do you have unused notebooks from last year? Only buy what you need. Make a list and stick to it! 
  • Encourage school cafeterias to buy local. Whether it's your universities pub, or your kid's cafeteria. Every little bit counts!


  • Buy Used Textbooks (no brainer!)
  • Parents - please don't idle your car infront of your kid's school.
  • Choose sustainable school supplies. Look for school supplies wrapped in limited packaging and seek out greener supplies when possible. Choose recycled or mechanical pencils, refillable pens, and paper clips made from recycled steel.


  • Choose non toxic school supplies. PVC, also known as vinyl, contains chemical additives including phthalates that are linked to asthma, learning disabilities, diabetes and other chronic health problems. Vinyl is commonly used to make lunch boxes, backpacks and three-ring binders. Choose backpacks made from recycled PET or natural canvas. Avoid the shiny, plastic models that often contain PVC.
  • Choose a sustainable + ethical wardrobe. Check out thrift stores for second hand clothing, and buy new clothes from brands that are committed to sustainable + ethical practices, like Ungalli ;). 


Happy back to school everyone! Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen! 


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Compost your phone case!

What happens to your phone case after you're done using it? Have you ever wondered? 

Sadly, it ends up where all plastic does: rivers, oceans, beaches, the bellies of precious ocean creatures, and ultimately even in your own stomach. 

How can you personally be a part of the solution though? 

Last month we had the opportunity to make custom Ungalli tees for a really cool company called Pela Case. They make phone cases from 100% plant based materials which makes them plastic free and compostable! How amazing is that!? 



Some other cool features of the case:

- Amazing protection from drops and scratches.

100% compostable case & plastic free packaging.

BPA-free, eco-friendly and child-safe.

- Donations made to environmental initiatives from each sale.

Pela Case is also a Canadian company! They're shipping Canadian products all over the world, making it a better place for everyone. You know our motto: The World Needs More Canada!

Next time you need a new case do the world a solid, and buy a Canadian Pela Case!

For information about custom Ungalli tee's for your business or organization check out our website, or email Minimum custom order starts at just 25 tees. 

Enjoy the sunshine! 



Pela Case Product Features



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