Camp? Cottage? Cabin? The Canadian summer home debate.

Where do you summer? Camp, the cabin, the cottage, the lake, the chalet, the shack or – my, aren't we fancy – the summer house?

The whole phenomenon of heading to our summer getaway on the weekend is a central part of the Canadian experience. It doesn't matter how much we argue about they're called, our summer getaway spots bring together families, friends, and Canadians. 

The Word of Choice for Summer Home across Canada 

Camp - (We're based in Northern Ontario, so this of course tops our list)! 

  • 78% Northwestern Ontario 
  • 28% New Brunswick 
  • less than 10% in the rest of the country 


  • dominant in Prince Edward Island (67%) ), Nova Scotia (78%), and Eastern and Southern Ontario, peaking at 89% in Toronto (where a few also refer to "the lake," which is more widely embraced in Manitoba, along with cottage and cabin).
  • Pretty well every region admits cottage as an option, but that doesn't mean they have to like it.


  • 85% in Newfoundland
  • 72 % in Vancouver-Victoria area
  • 0% in Ontario 
  •  66% in Alberta
  • 58% in Saskatchewan


  • barely registers outside Quebec, but 21% of English-speaking Montrealers use the term

We're interested to know, any takers on the shack???

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Here's to summer! Hope you get to enjoy it out at the camp, cottage, lake, cabin, chalet, or shack!




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