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Downtown Fitness

Recycled 1400 water bottles into clothing

"The clothing that we received from Ungalli was top notch quality. The lettering and designs do not fade after washing multiple times and every time you throw your Downtown Fitness Tee on feels as if you just picked it up from the store. The quality of the service, hats, sweaters, zip ups and tee shirts from Ungalli are the reason why we chose to work with them."

Miinikaanan Badakidoo Program

Recycled 1300 water bottles into clothing

"The material is so cozy! The recycled fabric is really comfortable and the logo turned out great. We were able to work directly with the Ungalli team to ensure the design came across clear and recognizable. Working with local and sustainable businesses like Ungalli enhances the community, reduces our carbon footprint, and supports the local economy."

George’s Market 

Recycled 3200 water bottles into clothing

"We are in a business where there can be a lot of waste, and our goal is to assure we never waste any product. We dry any flowers that are past a date we’d like to sell them, cook with all produce and meat in our store, and look into sustainable packaging for all our products. That goes the same for what clothing we want on our body. We love Ungalli clothing because they provide stylish clothing, locally designed, and is a company created by strong business women."

Craft 42 Roasters

Recycled 500 water bottles into clothing

"The quality is amazing, hands down. We especially love the recycled logo on them as it starts a conversation with people about the importance behind our two brands coming together. 

It is important that we work with a company like Ungalli because simply put, they checked all the boxes. A female owned company that manufactures their clothing right here in our very own country and pays fair wages to their employees, while using recycled and organic materials."

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