What does Ungalli mean?

More about where we got our name

When co-founders Hailey and Bree were little, their Mom Connie read them "The Name of the Tree" by Celia Barker Lottridge almost every night. This is the story of our namesake. Read it to your kids and grandkids so they learn about the power of perseverance.

Long ago, there was a great hunger. No rain had fallen for ages and the animals could find nothing to eat. On the verge of starvation, they came upon a tree ‒ the last tree in all the land. And it bore fruit! But was so tall that none of the animals (not even the giraffe) could reach it. 

In the end, the animal that found out the name of the tree, called Ungalli, was the smallest and slowest of the bunch. To us, this demonstrates that no matter how few we are in numbers, or how limited we are in terms of resources, we can accomplish great things when we band together.


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