own sustainable canadian style. wear ungalli.

A green Christmas '22

This holiday season let us tell our children stories about the planet they live on, with an ending that is filled with love, possibility, and hope. Even though they were born into a rapidly changing world, they were also born into a world where they can do profound good. Happy Holidays to you and yours!



  • Made ethically in Canada from recycled & organic materials.
  • Produced in Canadian facilities where workers are safe, respected, and paid fair wages.
  • High quality design that is made to last.
  • Mission-led & female founded.
  • Custom logo tees available in bulk quantities. SHOP CUSTOM TEES.
  • Each tee saves 10 plastic bottles from the landfill, 41 days of drinking water, 7 hours of lightbulb energy, and 1 KM of driving emissions are avoided.
Own Sustainable Canadian Style. Wear Ungalli.

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