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Maker's Grant Recipient Announcement!

Congratulations to Brandy Ritch, the owner + artist behind Blooming Creations. She is the recipient of the first ever $500 Ungalli Maker's Grant! 
Blooming Creations creates polymer clay jewellery and accessories with a purpose! Her Indigenous Awareness Stud Pack was created to raise awareness for the MMIWG movement as a way to stand in solidarity with one another.
With the grant, Brandy plans to purchase a clay machine to help expand her business. Find Brandy’s beautiful products available soon at the Ungalli Collective Retail Store! 
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Meet the Maker: Brian Sippala of Red Zone X

Maker: Brian Sippala- Fitness Coach, Co-owner of Red Zone X Tracked Fitness Training 


I am passionate about what I do because we can literally change people’s lives physically and mentally daily. I also love the energy that comes from a Red 45 HIIT class and the results that happen when clients trust us with their fitness goals. 

Throughout the pandemic, we pivoted towards online at home training with our Red 30 program and we also offer personal and small group zoom classes. We love in person interaction and we feel there is nothing that can compare, but when you have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay you pivot as fast as you can. We are empowered daily because of our Red Zone X family and community continues to support us with either keeping their memberships or joining our at home programs. 

It’s important to support local trainers and coaches in times like these because we not financially backed by millions of dollars like the big box gyms and if Thunder Bay wants to continue to have options like HIIT gyms, CrossFit Gyms, Strongman Gyms, Yoga Gyms, Sports and Conditioning Gyms or any other specific training, I would recommend making a donation, buying a gift card, renting equipment, purchasing product or signing up for any services they offer. 

Learn more +  support Red Zone X Here!


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Meet the Maker: Alex Hume of North Star Silver

Maker: Alex Hume of North Star Silver

I create artisanal jewelry using recycled and reclaimed metals and ethically sourced stones. I make an effort to source my stones from North America to further reduce my ecological footprint. My jewelry pieces are made from scratch using traditional silversmithing techniques. Each piece is one of a kind and built to last.

I believe in the power of symbolism. Jewelry can be a powerful talisman that offers a tangible connection to the earth, when it’s built meaningfully using earth-derived and eco-friendly materials. My jewelry designs are infused with symbolism and inspiration from the natural world. Wild animals, trees, wildflowers, moons, and of course North Stars feature prominently in my work.


The wonderful people who give my jewelry a home share my passion for the natural world and I feel a deep affinity with many of my customers. We have further built community through my Be the Change initiative – which is a collaborative effort to support community organizations working towards making the changes we want to see – Indigenous social justice, old growth forest conservation, rape prevention, and supporting young mothers are just a few of the causes we’ve supported with proceeds from several of my jewelry collections.

 As a mom to two little ones, when schools and daycares were suddenly closed in March 2020, it felt like having the rug pulled out from beneath our feet. I was forced to shift my work to Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and my partner consolidated his 40 hour work week to the remaining four days of the week. It’s a demanding schedule and the hardest part is that it’s nearly impossible for our whole family to spend time together.

 Many, many people asked me why I didn’t put my work aside and collect emergency benefits from the government. The answer is simple, and is two-fold: firstly, I love my work. Creating jewelry is my livelihood, and it’s also an important form of self-expression that helps to connect me with like-minded people who share my love of the outdoors and my commitment to sustainability. Metalsmithing is both an art form and a craft – and I thrive being constantly challenged. The second reason is that I want to set an example for my daughters: that they can follow their dreams no matter what the obstacles are; that their goals are worth prioritizing - no matter the difficulty.



Supporting local makers mean investing in people and the planet, and voting with your dollar. It shows that you believe in slow art and craftswomanship. It supports families and communities rather than massive corporations who hold a disproportionate amount of wealth and have a disproportionate footprint on our planet. It means you can align your values with your purchases and make a difference where it really counts – at home!

Learn more about Alex's work here


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Meet the Maker: Shannon Skinner


Maker: Shannon Skinner- Hair Artist at Salonki

My passion for what I do comes from the feeling of connecting with individuals from all walks of life and allowing them to feel a sense of comfort, warmth, acceptance , love and safety. I use my skills and art that I have been blessed with to help my clients look in the mirror and feel their best selves.

I am driven by the need to have an open , non judgemental, non sexiest , antiracist, non prejudice space to express myself and for individuals to express themselves and to change the negative experience the Afro , Indigenous, LGBTQ communities have had in salons.

Through the pandemic I have continued to keep connecting with clients through all the social platforms. I have also done at home contactless delivery of products and checking in with clients via zoom. I am empowered by other strong women in the community whose values and morals align with my own.

It’s is important to support local makers because it allows us to build our local economy. It allows for local character and prosperity, community well-being and environmental sustainability. It’s a great feeling knowing where and how my food, clothing , art —is made and processed.

Find out more about Salonki here! 


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Know Someone In Need Of A Donated Mask? We Want to Hear From You!

People are in need of face masks in our community, and we're here to donate as many masks as we possibly can.

Know someone who needs one? Front line workers, seniors, people at higher risk, someone struggling financially. Anyone qualifies.

Send us an email to donateamask@ungalli.com with the following info and we'll do our best to get one to them.

  • their name
  • their address
  • their phone number
  • the reason they need a mask
  • how many masks are needed if it's a group of people (please keep it to 1 mask per person)

Donations will be given on a first come, first serve basis. 

Want to help us donate masks? We have two options to help you help your community. 

1) Donate a mask on our website, and we'll match the donation. Your donations gets 2 people in need a mask.

2) Purchase an item from our "See You Soon Charity Collection" and we'll donate a mask for every item sold.

Thank you so much for your donation! We are stronger together.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and we'll see you soon,

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