Northern Themed Design + Hoodies for Grant Thornton LLP

Some of our favourite clients are the ones who come to Ungalli looking for help creating a unique design to print on our sustainable Canadian clothing!

You've likely heard of our fantastic clients - Grant Thornton LLP, a leading Canadian accounting and business advisory firm with three locations in Northern Ontario. 

They came to us to source sustainable hoodies as gifts for their team, and wanted help with a design that reflected the communities they live and work in. Specifically Thunder Bay, New Liskeard, and North Bay.We knew it would be tricky to fit all three places into one design, but we love a good creative challenge!

After a team brainstorm we presented the idea of a patch that represented each city on the sleeve of the hoodies, and they loved the idea! Here are the initial patch ideas we came up with for each city.

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After selecting the patches they liked best, we were ready to go to print on some Canadian custom apparel. Here's how they turned out.

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 Patch 1 - Thunder bay is represented by the famous and well loved Sleeping Giant. This natural wonder is a land formation that resembles a giant man laying in slumber in Lake Superior. Ojibway legend identifies the giant as Nanabijou, the spirit of deep water.

Patch 2 - New Liskeard is represented by Devil’s Rock. A 300 ft cliff from which there are spectacular views of Lake Temiskaming and the Province of Quebec. The face of the devil may be seen in the shape of the rock formation.

Patch 3 - Featuring North Bay's famous Gateway Arch, an important symbol that marks the city as the “Gateway to the North”.

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We love helping clients come up with designs that celebrate the beauty of the place we are lucky enough to call home. 

The team at Grant Thornton were absolutely lovely to work with, and their order recycled over 2000 plastic bottles into hoodies for their Northern Ontario team! Check out their custom order impact report below. 

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 If you're looking to create some merchandise that will help your brand stand out, get in touch! It's what we do best. 

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