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Compost your phone case!

What happens to your phone case after you're done using it? Have you ever wondered? 

Sadly, it ends up where all plastic does: rivers, oceans, beaches, the bellies of precious ocean creatures, and ultimately even in your own stomach. 

How can you personally be a part of the solution though? 

Last month we had the opportunity to make custom Ungalli tees for a really cool company called Pela Case. They make phone cases from 100% plant based materials which makes them plastic free and compostable! How amazing is that!? 



Some other cool features of the case:

- Amazing protection from drops and scratches.

100% compostable case & plastic free packaging.

BPA-free, eco-friendly and child-safe.

- Donations made to environmental initiatives from each sale.

Pela Case is also a Canadian company! They're shipping Canadian products all over the world, making it a better place for everyone. You know our motto: The World Needs More Canada!

Next time you need a new case do the world a solid, and buy a Canadian Pela Case!

For information about custom Ungalli tee's for your business or organization check out our website, or email Minimum custom order starts at just 25 tees. 

Enjoy the sunshine! 



Pela Case Product Features



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You Need Ungalli Joggers. Here's Why.

You know you want them. Here's why you need them.

Our Fans Helped Design Them
We’ve always had awesome options for sustainable shirts – tees, tanks, crops, hoodies, crewnecks and now kids (some of which you can snag in our Kickstarter packages!) But our fans kept asking for an option for pants. So you asked and we listened! Now we’re bringing Ungalli Joggers to you through our Kickstarter campaign.

Fashion + Comfort = F*** yeah!
We all have those days when the very idea of pants seems like too much work, but you’ve also got tons of real work to do.

Ungalli Joggers are the best of both worlds. Tapered at the bottom with a subtle Ungalli logo (which we think looks pretty sweet), they’re made of high-quality French Terry Knit. Read: they’re fashionable. No need to rock threadbare fast fashion tights or your old baggy Joggers with the not-so-subtle holes.

We absolutely love the President Obama quote, “The world needs more Canada.” That’s why our Joggers were designed in Canada and will be manufactured in Canada, at a Toronto factory that pays fair wages.

With #Canada150 coming up, what better way to celebrate than a homegrown product? They’ll be perfect for nights camping at Canada’s National Parks next year! But even if you’re not from our Home and Native Land, you can own a piece of it with Ungalli Joggers…because the world really does need more Canada!

Already bought Joggers and want even more Canuck products? Check out our wholesale and retail packages for your business or store

For the Earth
Because our Joggers are made in Canada, our carbon footprint is reduced. Plus, they’re made of recycled water bottles and organic cotton. To sum it up, one pair of Ungalli Joggers will save: 110 days of drinking water, eight plastic bottles from the landfill, and one whole day of light bulb energy. Thanks to our friends at Green Story for helping us calculate how our Joggers are helping reduce the environmental impact shopping has on our planet.

See how your positive impact increases with each pledge here.

Ship Just In Time
Admit it: every year you resolve you’re not going to leave your Holiday shopping until the last minute…and then of course you do. And it’s Christmas Eve, and you’re running through the mall, grabbing the last scratchy sweater in a size too small for your sweetheart…and hoping they don’t break up with you and take the dog…

OK maybe that’s a *bit* far, but wouldn’t it be nice to get started early for once? With an estimated October 2017 delivery date, you can snag the His + Hers Joggers package for just TK, so you can rock yours once the cooler weather hits and surprise him or her come Christmas. Plus, they’ll probably be stealing yours anyways, so at that point you’ll just be happy to have them back. Win-win!

Check out our Kickstarter today – every pledge helps! Thanks so much for all the Ungalli love.

-Hailey and Bree

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Can't Wait for Canada 150 & Me!

We have some news for you!

We're feeling so lucky to have been invited to speak about consciousness for the environmental and sustainable future and be “Human Books” at the mini "Human Library" at Montreal Youth Forum "Canada’s Place in the World", April 11 and April 12, 2017, in Montreal.

It's all part of Experiences Canada 150 & Me, a once in-a-lifetime national youth contest, travel exchange and series of regional youth forums to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, and we couldn't be more excited!

Click here to see the media advisory from our friends at Marigold Marketing & PR.

Also, don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates during the conference. Can't wait to see you there!

xo Hailey and Bree


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