Making Waves with Sustainable Style: Ocean's PR Campaign Recap

We recently teamed up with our pals at  Wild Public Relations and Ocean's Seafood  for a super exciting campaign all about protecting our amazing oceans! When Ocean's approached Ungalli to create sustainable merch for their PR boxes, we knew it had to pass their vibe check—and boy, did it ever!

Ocean's was looking for custom clothing made from recycled plastic, decked out with this seriously cool "Ocean Vibes" design. We worked closely with the team at Wild PR to ensure the colours of the sweater and the ink were absolutely spot-on for their brand and vision.

With summer just around the corner, we suggested our recycled lightweight zip up sweater. It's Canadian-made from comfy, lightweight t-shirt material—perfect for those breezy summer days. And get this: each sweater saves a whopping 23 plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans!

But that's not all. Choosing Ocean's means you're making a real difference. For every bit of plastic they use, they're cleaning up an equal amount from the environment. Plus, by opting for sustainable threads made right here in Canada by Ungalli, Ocean's has turned over 6000 plastic water bottles into stylish, eco-friendly clothing. And the energy saved? Enough to power your lights for 186 days straight!

Don't just take our word for it—check out their Ungalli impact report below, included with every custom order.


Big shoutout to Ocean’s for rocking the sustainable merch game and standing tall for the health of our oceans. Here's to a future where style meets sustainability!

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