Meet the Maker: Brian Sippala of Red Zone X

Maker: Brian Sippala- Fitness Coach, Co-owner of Red Zone X Tracked Fitness Training 


I am passionate about what I do because we can literally change people’s lives physically and mentally daily. I also love the energy that comes from a Red 45 HIIT class and the results that happen when clients trust us with their fitness goals. 

Throughout the pandemic, we pivoted towards online at home training with our Red 30 program and we also offer personal and small group zoom classes. We love in person interaction and we feel there is nothing that can compare, but when you have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay you pivot as fast as you can. We are empowered daily because of our Red Zone X family and community continues to support us with either keeping their memberships or joining our at home programs. 

It’s important to support local trainers and coaches in times like these because we not financially backed by millions of dollars like the big box gyms and if Thunder Bay wants to continue to have options like HIIT gyms, CrossFit Gyms, Strongman Gyms, Yoga Gyms, Sports and Conditioning Gyms or any other specific training, I would recommend making a donation, buying a gift card, renting equipment, purchasing product or signing up for any services they offer. 

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