Makin' Waves and Recycled Clothing with Ocean's seafood!

Ocean's seafood achieved a Plastic Neutral+ level in 2022, effectively collecting more ocean-bound plastic than the amount of plastic used in their own operations. This is huge! They've committed to collecting 41, 065 kg of plastic from the ocean in 2023 to remain plastic neutral at the very least. 

You already know Ungalli loves to collaborate with like minded businesses who are doing great things for the world! To celebrate their commitment to sustainability, Ocean's wanted to send sustainable hoodies made from recycled plastic to fans of their Tuna products.

Here's the result! A super fun "Tuna Cancelled Plastic" design printed on our made in Canada recycled crew neck sweaters. Seafood and clothing that both pass the vibe check - we're here for it! 

custom recycled t-shirts

By choosing sustainable Canadian clothing, Ocean's seafood recycled 3342 water bottles into sweaters! Plastic bottles that could have easily ended up in the ocean instead. Read more about their sustainability initiatives here. 

eco friendly t shirts canada 

Next time you're stocking up on Tuna, remember your purchasing power! By choosing Ocean's tuna, you are saying "no" to overfishing and "yes" to keeping our oceans clean by reducing ocean-bound plastic. They are also the first national tuna brand to shift their skipjack tuna to be 100% MSC Certified Sustainable. 

recycled clothing canada

 We also got to work with the lovely ladies of Wild Public Relations on this project. There's nothing better than connecting with great people when working on projects like this! Check out some of the great work they do on instagram.

 Get started on your own Ungalli custom order here!

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