Thank You for Supporting TBAY❤️AUS

Group photo of everyone at the fundraiser wearing TBAY <3 AUS shirts

Thank you to everyone that came out for our fundraiser in celebration of Australia Day. Your support helped us to surpass our fundraising goal and raise over $11,000!

Australia’s bush fires have created one of the worst natural disasters in Australian history. More than 15 million acres have burned, 1 BILLION animals have died, over 2,000 homes have been destroyed, at least 25 deaths have occurred, and thousands of people have been displaced. It will take years to recover from this disaster caused by the climate change crisis.

$15 from each t-shirt will be donated to the following Australian charities: 

WIRES Wildlife Rescue

Red Cross Australia 

Items for the fundraiser are still available, and we have even introduced a new CAD❤️AUS shirt, so if you haven't grabbed yours yet, you had better hurry!


CAD <3 AUS shirt

A big thank you has to go out to the amazing local vendors who donated towards the fundraiser and helped make it such an incredible event.

All money raised is going directly to the firefighting efforts and wildlife in Australia (Red Cross Australian Red Cross and Wires WIRES)

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!



- Aussie themed candles by Waxxed candle co

- Gold Sparrow Studio

- Knits by Nat

- North Star Silver (instagram- @northstarsilver)

- Art by Elke (instagram- @culliselke)



- Speciality brewed Australian beer by Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

- Aussie Pizza by Eat Local Pizza

- Aussie Anzac biscuits by The Sweet North Bakery



- Ungalli Clothing Co.

- Waxxed candle co

- Superior Screen Printing

- Lost Art

- Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

- Lowerys

- Lakehead Printing (instagram- @lakeheadprinting)

- Red Lion Smokehouse


- InstaBooth TBay

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