Happy Earth Day! 3 Ways to Celebrate

It’s #EarthDay2017! It’s been a busy Earth Month for Ungalli.

We headed to Experiences Canada 150&Me to talk about sustainability with some inspiring teens, launched our full line of gemstone bracelets that help feed hungry kids, and now we’re expanding our amazing sales team at our Intercity store.

With everything going on, Earth Day is the perfect time to take a pause and remind ourselves why we do what we do every day – and what else we all can all do to help the planet.

We’ve rounded up three fun ways to celebrate Earth Day – today and 365.

Plant Flowers, or Some Food
We love gardening. It’s a great way to get your hands dirty and reconnect to the Earth.

Flowers are fun, but better yet: grow your own vegetables and herbs. It’s a way for you to reduce your ecological footprint by increasing the amount of local produce you eat. Plus, what’s better than eating fresh food right off the vine?

If you don’t have a Green Thumb, here’s a great guide of the easiest veggies to grow.

Go For a Bike Ride
It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous day here in Thunder Bay. Wherever you are, consider ditching the car to head out on a bike ride.

Wind in your face…better for the planet…good exercise for you…win, win, win.

Shop Sustainable
From saving water and energy to helping feed kids and rescuing animals in need, we’ve been advocates of helping in any way we can since the beginning.

This March, we rounded up some amazing sustainable brands (run by strong females, of course) for International Women’s Day. Consider checking them out.

Of course, we’ve still got 25% off everything online until the end of April. Use promo code EARTHMONTH.

How are you guys spending Earth Day? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

-Hailey and Bree

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