Joggers, joggers, joggers! Exciting updates.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends! 

We wanted to let you in on some exciting news and give you a production update on our new joggers. 

Exciting News First!

Our recycled and organic joggers do even more amazing things for the planet than we thought! Our friends over at Green Story have done some further research on our products, and by using their algorithms, databases, and by analyzing Ungalli's supply chain here is what they have discovered. 

Originally we thought Ungalli Joggers saved:

  • 8 PET bottles from the landfill
  • 2 km of driving emissions avoided 
  • 110 days of drinking water
  • 1 day of light bulb energy

BUT - after further investigation here is what they actually save!

  • 27 PET bottles from the landfill (WOAH - that's like an entire case of water bottles)! 
  • 3 km of driving emissions avoided
  • 115 days of drinking water 
  • 1 day of light bulb energy 

We are pretty excited about this news! 

If you didn't get a chance to order our new joggers through Kickstarter, they are available for pre-order at a discounted price here.


Second - Kickstarter Production Update. 

- T-shirts and zip up sweaters are starting to ship from Toronto this week! Once they get here we will begin screen printing them all. Wholesale orders should be arriving around the end of this month! 

- Hats will be here in roughly 2 weeks (yay)!

- The fabric for the joggers has been knitted (which is the longest part of the process). Unfortunately there is a huge backup at one of Canada's largest dye houses. Our fabric is sitting in a long line of fabrics to be dyed. We are hoping it will be done and on its way to Toronto to be sewn in the next 3 - 4 weeks. Because of these unforeseen circumstances we can not give you an exact date on when they'll be ready to ship to you :(. We promise it will be ASAP though. 

Thanks for your patience, and please message us directly if you have any questions.

Love always,

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