10 Ways to Make Your Holiday Giving More Eco-Friendly

We just LOVE our facebook & instagram communities! You are full of amazing and creative ideas to make the holidays a little more eco-friendly. Thanks for all your ideas, keep them coming! We’ve pulled together our favs so far...

Top 10 ways to eco-fy holiday gifts:

  1. Buy and give gifts in reusable shopping bags, check out these easy ideas
  2. Skip the “stuff” and give experiences instead
  3. Look for gifts that do not need batteries
  4. Handmade gifts are almost always a better impact on the environment
  5. Look to upcycle materials for wrapping (like newspaper)
  6. Buy wrapping made from recycled materials
  7. Reuse where possible (gift bags, boxes, bows etc.)
  8. Get creative with wrapping ie use dishcloths, scarves etc.
  9. Shop local to reduce carbon footprint
  10. Give sustainable products, like Ungalli :)

Ungalli has become one of the leading national voices on sustainable clothing practices and processes, in large part thanks to conscientious consumers like you! Together we are driving the sustainable style movement forward. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Happy Giving!


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