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does your organization want to contribute to a more sustainable world?

You are already a leader in sustainability, our clothes will make sure your customers know. Today, customers are putting more weight on the sustainability of the products they buy and the practices of the businesses they shop at. Your merchandise needs to align with the values of your customers.

High quality recycled & sustainable. Comfortable for you & the environment.

All of our clothing, from weaving to printing, is made ethically in Canada. Our clothes are all made of high quality recycled and organic materials, making them comfortable for you and the environment.

With each tee saving 41 days of drinking water and 7 hours of light bulb energy compared to traditionally manufactured t-shirts, the impact your company can make is significant.

Some brands we’ve already worked with:

Discounted wholesale prices start at orders as small as 25, so whatever size your organization, we’ve got your backs (literally!).

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We look forward to working with you for a more sustainable future,

Hailey and Bree xxoo
Sleeping Giant Brewing Company 
Sleeping Giant Brewing Company
Legacy Dance Company 
Legacy Dance Company
Red Lion Smokehouse  
Red Lion Smokehouse
Hoolio & Goober
Harbourview Optometry Centre 
Lakehead Elementary Teachers of Ontario 
The Foundry Bar 
Optional Ungalli Recycled Stamp

Thank you for considering sustainable clothing!