Men's Polar Bear Charity Tee
Men's Polar Bear Charity Tee
$ 49.00 CAN

Men's Polar Bear Charity Tee

Polar bears need our help desperately!

$5 from the purchase of this shirt goes towards Canadian polar bear research at Churchill Northern Studies Centre.

Churchill Northern Studies Centre in an independent, non-profit field station located on the edge of Western Hudson Bay near the Town of Churchill, Manitoba. Their mission is to promote and facilitate research and education that enhances our understanding and appreciation of natural, social, economic and cultural environments of the North. They have supported research focused on the Western Hudson Bay polar bear population and the surrounding ecology for over 40 years. Supporting scientific inquiry and educational opportunities of polar bears contributes to understanding and appreciation as well as policy development for this majestic marine mammal.

Read more about their research here.

50% Organic Cotton: non GMO certified organic cotton
- 50% Recycled Polyester: saves approx 10 water bottles from the landfill 
- ethically manufactured in Canada
- non toxic dyes 

Shipping and Returns:
- Ships the next day from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 
- Doesn't fit? Send an email to info@ungalli.com within 15 days for a FREE exchange. 


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